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International Schools Sports Organization is meant and formed with an initiative to develop and nurture across international schools affiliated to Cambridge, IB and other international boards. We are affiliated to School Games Federation of India with one of our wing named IBSO participating in SGFI National School Games from since 2017. Also, we are affiliated to Subroto International Football Cup. We are the authorized body to organize and conduct sports events and competitions between International Schools in India. We have a strong base of affiliated International Schools in India. Last year there were many talented ones bagging medals in 64th National School Games through our organization and also reached “Khelo India Youth Games “ , initiative by Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs India


Many corporate entities have vision and mission statements. But we are a sports body. We have a GOAL. And it is an ambitious one. The ISSO Goal is to bring every International School in India to a single platform so that every single student in International Schools gets the platform to compete at the highest level.


We have a very simple, yet a very powerful purpose – To recognize the immense sporting potential in students of International Schools; to give that potential a platform; and finally, to ensure that students of International Schools find the official route to Games, competitions and contests at the National and International level.


There is a rapid increase in the footprint of International Schools in India. They are almost 600 in numbers. Some of the best students from various parts of the world study here. There was no exclusive body through which International Schools could send their teams to compete at the highest level of school games in India. ISSO was set up exclusively for International Schools to fill in that alarming gap.


Ahead. Above. Beyond.


It’s something we say to ourselves every morning when we wake up. Some people have stories, we have a rallying call, we repeat it a million times a day at work, at play, in boardrooms, in classrooms.
And every night Just before we sleep, we murmur it to ourselves. It’s just three words and three simple words, at that but they power our dreams Fuel our passion Keep us flying!

When the impossible Challenges us When the unmanageable Must be accomplished When it feels and sometimes it does Like we can’t take another step They remind us That we can and then we do. Three words of pure magic “Ahead. Above. Beyond.” We live them. Breathe them and act out their imperatives.

“Think AHEAD of the times”, the first one tells us! “Plan AHEAD of the competition" Stay AHEAD of the crowd. But more important than that, power AHEAD of yourself.

“Rise ABOVE the ordinary”, commands the next. Soar ABOVE the rest. Reach ABOVE the stars. Whatever you do, be a cut ABOVE!

And our third Mentor tells us to “Deliver BEYOND expectations." Dream BEYOND boundaries. Achieve BEYOND aspirations. Everyone does what is obvious, but you… go BEYOND! They are only three simple words. But they make us who we are! We are ISSO India’s ONLY sports authority to empower children of International Schools towards excellence in sports. And forever we strive to move Ahead. Above. Beyond. So that you may too!

This is not just our story but History in Making

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